Car Rental Tips

There comes a time when one may need to rent a car. Renting a car may be for vacation, when touring a new place, or for a business trip. It is the most convenient option to take. Car rentals save you the trouble and delays that you may encounter while using public transport while touring new places. They also save you money as they are relatively cheaper than hiring taxis.

The following are ways you can save money while renting a car.

Avoid additional drivers.

Hiring a car will be cheaper if you will be the only driver of the rental car. Adding someone to share the driving duties while on your trip will attract additional charges. Drivers between the ages of twenty-one and twenty four are usually very expensive to include on the rental contract. Therefore, keep a minimum number of drivers to avoid additional costs when renting a car.

Bring your own accessories.

usually charge higher when they provide you with special accessories such as child seats, navigation systems and air fresheners. Therefore, in case you might need these special accessories in your car, consider bringing your own instead of paying more to the company for the accessories to be provided.

rental car inspection

Inspect the car thoroughly.

Before signing the contract, ensure that you carry out a thorough inspection of the car. This will help you identify any existing damage and report it to the car rental company so that you will not be held accountable for the already existing damage. Most car rental companies will require you to sign an inspection form. Ensure you have thoroughly checked the car before signing the inspection form.

Rent your car at locations away from the airport.

Renting a car from the airport is a convenient option as you will collect the car immediately you arrive at the airport. Although convenient, airport car rentals tend to be more expensive as compared to car rental from other locations. This is due to the additional airport fees that is usually included in the car rental price. Therefore, look to rent a car from locations away from the airport if you can.

Return the car on time.

Returning the car earlier or later than the agreed time could result in additional charges. In case you anticipate a change in the dropping off time, contact the car rental agent and ask about the company’s policy if there is a change in the dropping off time.

book car early

Book your car in advance.

Car rental prices are usually low a few weeks prior to the pick up date. To take advantage of discounts provided to early bookers, call the car rental company to inquire if there are any available discounts. Also, you can visit the car rental company’s websites to see if there are any available deals. Most car rental deals are may be available on their websites prior to the travelling dates.

Booking in advance will also give you an opportunity to visit other car rental companies’ websites as well as travel agencies websites and search for the identical cars and the price each company is offering at. Then you will be able to book with the company that is offering the best price.

If it is possible, it is advisable to make your car rental reservation as well as and make the payments online before leaving your location.