Benefits of Hotel Booking Engines

The internet is the most certain way of attracting more customers from any part of the globe. Therefore, having a hotel or hotel chains linked to the internet world is a sure way for you to have an increased number of customers. This is because the internet reaches thousands of potential customers within a short period of time using minimum resources and fast.

The development of hotel booking engines has made searching and booking hotels and other accommodation facilities an easy task. Wizie one of the companies that develop some of the best hotel booking engines in the market. The two major things Wizie consider while developing these hotel booking engines are the customers and the clients.

Wizie ensure that they include every feature that most customers may be searching for while looking for a good accommodation and at the same time create the best opportunities for their clients to earn a maximum return on investment (ROI).

Wizie also ensure that their clients earn a maximum ROI by developing hotel booking engines that have every feature that customers may be looking for therefore converting “looking” customers to “booking” customers.


The benefits if using hotel booking engines include;

  1. Your business operates around the clock

Customers who wish to can do so at any time of the day throughout the week through your hotel booking engine. Unlike in the past when the customers had to wait for the hotels to open to make a reservation, it is more convenient and easy for the customers to book a room through the hotel booking engines.

The customer does not have to travel to the hotel premises for them to make a reservation. The internet has made this possible as customers only need an internet connection to access the and make a reservation.

  1. Through hotel booking engines, you can increase the number of reservations

Having customers book accommodation through hotel booking engines is an assurance to the hotel that they will show up. If by any chance the customer wishes to cancel their reservation or adjust the date, the room becomes vacant and can be booked by other interested customers online. Therefore, hotels that use booking engines are unlikely to have many empty rooms.

  1. Payments are received faster

Hotels using hotel booking engines require customers to pay for their facilities and services in advance for the reservation to be made. Therefore, there is no need to ask customers to make partial deposits prior to the day they will be at the hotel or pay on the actual day they arrive at the hotel.

The automatic online payment system also reduces manual paperwork workload and provides the customers with a safe platform to book and pay for the hotels rooms.

advantages of hotel booking engines

  1. Customers can learn more about the facilities and activities that you offer

You can include photographs of your facilities and any other activities that customers may engage in, in your hotel such as spa, gym in your online booking checkout. This will give the customers an idea of what to expect once they get to the hotel.

  1. You get a clear insight about your business

Through hotel booking engines, customers write their reviews about the facilities. These reviews contain complements and also complaints. Through these reviews, you are able to identify the areas or services that the customers were dissatisfied about and do some improvements.

You will also learn if there is an important amenity or service that you are not providing to make plans to include them. The positive reviews may attract new customers to your hotel who are willing to book a room and experience your services.

  1. No involvement of online travel agents

If a hotel has its own online booking system, they receive payments directly from customers without involving travel agents who charge a commission leading to a decrease in overall income made by the hotel.

Hotel Booking App

Hotel booking engine such as has come up with a free android application that assists the customers in making hotel reservations. The application helps you find and book a hotel room using your mobile phone. You can also find cheap and discounts if you are a spontaneous traveler who does not have a lot of time to search for hotel accommodation prior to their travelling day.

hotel booking mobile app

The app enables you to search for a hotel near you. You can filter and compare prices and ratings of different hotels with search tool. You can also view guest reviews to find the best hotel that will suit your accommodation needs. mobile application makes booking a hotel quick and easy.

Making a room reservation in a hotel of your choice is just a click away. The application also enables you view the location of your hotel and find the best route to use to reach the hotel. If you do not have an account with, you can create one using the app or make hotel booking as a guest user.