Hotelopia Hotel Booking Site

Hotelopia is a leading European travel company that provides travel services to clients in over 180 countries. The main aim of Hotelopia is to help independent travelers in finding and booking hotels in the safest and easiest way at the best price.

Hotelopia offers a huge variety of hotels where travelers, whether travelling for business or leisure, can choose from. Hotelopia’s main objective is to help travelers in finding and booking hotels easily and safely. In case the clients need assistance while making reservations, they are assisted by Hotelopia’s customer service team.

Hotelopia’s prices are suitable for people travelling for pleasure or business. The website contains a wide variety of hotels ranging from the most modest hotels to the most luxurious hotels. Their website contains the best destinations in any part of the globe for tourists. They have a customer service team that responds to customers’ enquiries and assist the customers with what they need.

Benefits of using hotel reservation websites

hotel reservation websites

With the emergence of information technology and electronic media, the world is becoming a global village. This has been made possible by the World Wide Web. Some years back, a hotel reservation was done by personally visiting the hotel to book a room.

Some of the benefits we enjoy for using hotel reservation websites are

  • An extensive database– you can choose a wide range of from hotel reservation websites that suit your preferences. you can compare different hotel accommodation prices and book a room that fits your allocated budget in hotel reservation websites
  • Discounted rates– On hotel reservation websites, you can get special offers such as low and best price guarantee and discounted rates on hotel rooms.
  • Safe transactions– Hotel reservation websites affirm secured transactions from users to hotels hence protecting users conducting online transactions from fraud. The users’ personal and sensitive information provided to the is encrypted.
  • Customer service– hotel booking websites ensure that visitors do not encounter any difficulties while using their websites. However if they experience any difficulties, they can reach the agents through the email, phone or online chat program. These services are provided at any time of the day and any day of the week.
  • Guest reviews– in many hotel booking sites, there is a section where guests who have stayed in a particular hotel post their reviews. This would help a potential customer know about the hotel and whether the guests who have been there before were satisfied or not. It also helps the hotels to improve their services and products to satisfy their customers.

Hotelopia assists independent travelers in easily discovering and booking hotels at the most affordable prices. With Hotelopia, you can choose from a selection of the most outstanding hotels and apartments in the most popular destinations all over the world. You can book over 35000 hotels in 2500 destinations through Hotelopia.

advantages of booking with hotelopia

The following are to make a hotel reservation.

  1. It is safe; Hotelopia is a leading European company that provides travel services to many clients around the globe through its different brands. Making the payment online is secure as Hotelopia is certified by Worldplay and Thawte. The details you enter while booking are encrypted hence making the transaction safe.
  2. Low price guarantee; the fees indicated at Hotelopia are upfront hence no hidden charges and commissions for credit card payments.

How to book a hotel with Hotelopia

It is easy to make reservation with Hotelopia. Their website is designed with ease therefore saves time when one is searching and making a hotel reservation.

Outlined below are the steps to follow while booking a hotel with Hotelopia;

  1. Visit Hotelopia website
  2. Search for the destination you require and choose the dates
  3. Evaluate the search results and click on the links to view more information
  4. Decide on the hotel you want to make reservation. once you decide the hotel to make reservation, select the hotel and enter your names and the payment details on the booking page
  5. You will receive an email with a voucher once the reservation you made has been confirmed. upon arrival to the hotel, you will be required to produce the voucher sent to your email

Payment methods

payment options at hotelopia

Hotelopia allows you to choose a payment method preferable to you. You can pay through the website or make payment directly at the hotel.

  • Payment directly at the hotel; this is whereby you make payment of your reservation once you have arrived at the hotel and not through the website.
  • Payment through the hotel website; this is whereby you book through the hotel’s website.

You can make payments at Hotelopia’s website using Visa Card, Visa Electron, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, Maestro, Solo and PayPal. All debit card and credit card details sent over the internet is encrypted to ensure that the online payment are secured.

Hotelopia do not store the customer’s credit card or debit card information on their website hence protecting privacy of their customers. Prices at Hotelopia are relatively cheap because being an online business, their overheads are greatly minimized therefore enabling them pass the great savings to the customers. While booking with Hotelopia, you can save up to 75%.

The rates presented at Hotelopia website are rates per room per night and are inclusive of tax. Hotelopia also indicates if breakfast is included at the specific hotel rates.

In case you do not receive the confirmation email, you can go to the Access your Booking section on Hotelopia s website and there you will be able to recover and print the details of your booking. If you misplace your booking voucher, call the Customer Service Center and they will look it up for you by using your name and the arrival date at your hotel.

A reference number will be displayed at the screen once you have completed your booking. You will also receive an email that will show your complete schedule and also your reference number. The email will also have the voucher that you will be required to print and present to the hotel you booked on arrival. This voucher acts as a proof of your reservation at the hotel.

payment voucher after completing the booking process

Once you receive the booking confirmation voucher, which is sent to your email, you are not required to confirm the reservation directly with the hotel.

Hotelopia offers customer service 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can also make reservation online with their customer service center. The telephone numbers to contact them through are indicated on the website and also in your booking confirmation voucher.

There may be a change in price from the last time you checked. This is due to currency fluctuations and changes in market conditions. However, once you have booked the hotel with Hotelopia, the prices will not change.