Top 10 Travel Sites

Travel websites have made it easy to search and book accommodation and flights online. Making reservations through the travel websites saves you money as well as time. Described below are top 10 travel sites.

  1. offers great deals on accommodation on various lodging options such hotels, resorts, and hostels.’s mobile application is available on android, windows phones and apple and one of the best hotel app. This application helps you search and .

Once you have made your reservation, this application provides you with a map from where you are to the hotel’s location using your phone’s GPS. You can learn about cheap deals and discounts available by subscribing to’s newsletters through your email. is one of the best discount hotel websites.

  1. CheapAir

CheapAir Travel website

This is one of the best travel site for travelers on a tight budget. It allows you to compare prices on their websites with prices offered by other travel websites. There are also last minute deals for spontaneous travelers.

CheapAir also offers a low price guarantee. This means that in case the prices drop after you have made your reservation, you will be refunded the difference. CheapAir filters narrow down your search results making it easy to find a flight or a hotel that suits your needs. You can filter the results by amenities hence help you identify a kid-friendly hotel.

  1. CheapTickets

The filter options at CheapTickets helps you quickly spot the travel arrangements that will best suit your budget. You can search for a hotel only, a flight only or a combination depending on your trips needs. Enter the travel dates and the destination. Then filter the hotel search site results with the many filtering tools on their website. CheapTickets allows you to compare rates on hotels and flights with other travel websites.  This can help you in landing cheap deals on hotel rooms.

  1. Expedia travel website

is one of the best sites if you are looking for a vacation package, a flight or a hotel. They do not charge any booking fees. Changing or cancellation fees in case you want to change or cancel your reservation. They also have travel program where you earn points for making any travel purchase. You can redeem the points and use them to book a hotel or a flight.

  1. specializes mainly in travel accommodation. They also provide access to flights and car rentals. It is also among the best vacation booking sites. do not charge a cancellation fee in case you want to change or cancel your reservation. There are many other special offers at which can help customers in saving more during their vacation.

You can also land last minute hotel com deals. Also by signing up for newsletters through your email, will be updated on any existing discounts and deals. will offer assistance in finding hotels to accommodate you if you are travelling as a group. All you need is to enter the number of rooms you will require whether you need a meeting place and any other special plans. You then submit the information and they will give you the various hotels available so that you can negotiate the price.

  1. Hotwire

Hotwire Travel Website


Hotwire offers great savings on hotel rooms, flights as well as rental cars. If you are looking for the best website for cheap hotels, Hotwire is the best site for hotels to consider. They have partnered with major travel sites which include and Expedia.

You only get to know which partner organization you have booked with once you have completed the process and the sale is completed. Hotwire has many tools that offer assistance when you are planning your trip. For instance, they have a TripStarter tool that provides advice on the best times to tour a given location and the scenes you can visit while there.

  1. Kayak

It is simple to use Kayak as you can search for best book websites at once and compare prices offered on their websites. You only enter your travel dates and the destination. Then you can choose which travel websites you would like to compare prices with and then filter your results for easy comparison.

You can also search for deals and discounted rates on hotels and flights through website. They also have a mobile application that enables you search and book hotels and flights using your mobile phone. The application also has an inbuilt flight tracker that notifies you of any change in flight rates.

  1. Last Minute Travel

last minute travel website

This is one of the for travelers planning their trip last minute. Last Minute Travel allows you to book not only flights but also other aspects of travelling such as vacation packages, cruises etc. you can save more with last minute travel especially if you are  a regular customer. This is because they have a reward program on their website that rewards customers’ points every time they make a reservation through their website.

You can redeem these points by searching for flights and booking using your points. Although you save a lot booking top rated hotels with Last Minute Travel, they do not reveal the name of the hotel until after you make your reservation.

You only get to view the details of the hotel such as the amenities provided, hotel’s photographs and its location but not its name.  For any enquiries or assistance, you can reach Last Minute Travel representatives through their email address or through social media platforms or through their phone if your questions are very urgent.

  1. Priceline

Priceline is popular for their unique travel bidding service. You can save more with Priceline by using their Name Your Price tool that is on their websites by stating how much you are willing to pay for the travel. Priceline also has an excellent customer support system which is ready to assist you in case you have any issues while making a reservation.

You start by choosing your travel dates and the location of the city you will be visiting. Then choose a hotel star level and you get a hint of the kind of the amenities you will expect. You will find the specific hotel you will be staying in if only you win the bid. This bidding service makes Priceline the best travel site for travelers on a tight budget. You can also bid on car rentals or flights.

  1. TripAdvisor

One thing that makes TripAdvisor one of the top travel sites is that each hotel and restaurant listed on their website comes with customer reviews hence you can get an insight on what to expect at the hotel you select.  The filtering tools at TripAdvisor website helps you narrow your search results hence you can find the best option that suits your specification easily. For instance, while searching for hotels, TripAdvisor highlights the hotels offering best deals, hotels that are family friendly or hotels that are suitable for a business traveler.

You can filter your searches by amenities, price and hotel ratings. TripAdvisor also has a mobile application that directs you to other travel sites where you can make even .  Although you cannot directly book your trips through TripAdvisor, you can save your travel information in your account. You can save more than one trip in your account at any given time.