Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas

Although Las Vegas is well known as a city of glamour, luxury and entertainment, there is plenty of cheap accommodation facilities available. To find a cheap hotel in Las Vegas, it is important to begin your search on the cheap hotels Las Vegas. Then you will have to choose a cheap hotel that has the facilities and the amenities that you prefer.

How to find cheap hotels in Las Vegas

  • Consider booking hotels that are not in the center of the strip. They tend to be more expensive compared to hotels located outside the strip or downtown
  • Plan your trip during weekdays rather than weekend. During weekends, most LasVegas hotels increase the rates charged on the rooms due to the increased number of travelers. The rates get lower during weekdays hence the ideal time to plan your trip
  • Search for the hotel’s coupons and promotions that may be offered by the Las Vegas hotels. If the hotel is offering coupons and promotion, you will pay less.
  • Consider making a reservation through the hotel’s website directly. Most hotels give discounted rates to customers who book through their websites directly
  • Plan your trip to Las Vegas earlier. It is good to book a hotel earlier in Las Vegas than book in last minute. Most Las Vegas hotels offer great discounts to travelers who make early room reservations.
  • Compare different hotel rates through comparison websites. Research and compare prices through comparison websites such as;,, or This will help you to find a cheap hotel in Las Vegas.

el cortez hotel

You can find cheap hotels in Las Vegas on the strip as well as downtown and throughout Las Vegas. Most of the hotels that are not on the Las Vegas strip are cheaper than Las Vegas strip hotels.

If you are looking for downtown is the excellent place to find these hotels. Downtown is also more visitor and family friendly because of the Fremont Street experience as a family attraction. Downtown also has some of the interesting Las Vegas casino if you are looking for a gambling experience in Las Vegas.

El Cortez is one of the cheap hotels in Las Vegas downtown. Although a two-star hotel, it is very clean. It is easy to find cheap Vegas hotels with Search online for cheap Las Vegas hotels with, or Then compare the rates offered by different hotels and book the hotel that offers the best rates.
 Some of the cheap hotels in Las Vegas include

  1. Circus Hotel and Casino.

circus circus hotel and casino

Circus Circus hotel is another cheap Las Vegas hotel located in Nevada, near the airport. Visitors enjoy free parking, room service, a swimming pool, a spa and fitness center and beauty services


  1. Monte Carlo Resort.

Monte Carlo Resort offers cheap to the visitors. The rooms are well furnished, offering the guests with high comfort. Facilities provided in each room include; wireless internet, cable television and bath products at a cheap rate.


  1. MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.

MGM Grand is one of the cheap hotels in Las Vegas. It offers low-cost accommodation to the visitors. It is a four star rated hotel and the rooms are well furnished. Some of the facilities provided at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino are; a television, Wi-Fi, a chair and a table. Room service is round the clock.