Cheap Flights to Europe

Europe is a fantastic vacation destination for anyone. The continent offers diverse culture, historical sites and much fun for those who travel there on a vacation.

Plane tickets to Europe tend to be quite expensive. This is due to the recession in economy which prompted many airlines to reduce their number of flights leading to a reduction of available plane tickets hence the ticket prices became high. However, it is still possible to find to Europe. There are several ways of getting these cheapest flights to Europe.

There following are important factors to consider in order to get cheap flights to Europe;

  • The time of the year you travel.

The time of the year you plan to take your vacation to Europe will have a great effect on the ticket prices. Airlines during peak seasons charge more on plane tickets than during off seasons. It is, therefore, easier to find cheap plane tickets to Europe during off-peak seasons

  • Your airport of departure.

The airport you depart from has a big impact on the amount you pay for your tickets to Europe. For instance, if you are departing from an international airport, you are likely to pay more for your plane tickets to Europe than when you depart from local airports. Therefore, before booking a flight to Europe from an international airport, look for other airports around and compare their prices.

european airports

  • The European airport you fly into.

The airport you fly into in Europe may cost you or save you a lot of money. Therefore, search for all European airports and compare the prices. You will find that you will pay cheaper by flying into some of the European airports than when you fly into others. While choosing cheap airports to fly into in Europe, it is important to ensure that it fits in your travel plans so that it does not inconvenience you.

  • Your date of departure.

Finding cheap flights to Europe will depend highly on your departure date and day. For instance, you are likely to pay lesser on flights to Europe when you travel during mid week than during weekends. The low number of travelers during midweek makes it possible to find cheap flights to Europe.

cheap air tickets to europe

  • The time you purchase your plane ticket.

Buying plane tickets in advance, a month earlier, can be a great way of getting cheap flights to Europe. Most airlines offer a discount on plane tickets bought a month earlier before the actual date of travel.

Although, you might also get cheap tickets to Europe by waiting until last minute to buy the ticket. This is because most airlines offer to fill up their empty seats. Search thoroughly for these last minute flights to Europe deals.

The following are some of the websites to find cheap flights to Europe;

  • TripAdvisor

This is one of the that usually has best ticket prices to Europe. TripAdvisor displays the search results together with the prices you will pay. The prices displayed at TripAdvisor are inclusive of taxes and any other extra fee you might be required to pay for the trip hence there are no upfront fees.

search flights to europe with trip advisor

  • Skyscanner

You can use Skyscanner to search for flights inside Europe as well as flights from all parts of the globe. It also allows you to search flights by cities as well as countries in case you do not have a specific destination in mind.

  • Expedia

You can use Expedia travel website to search for cheap flights to Europe. Expedia also lets you book flights directly through their website. You can also use Expedia to find in Europe and other travel destinations across the globe.

  • CheapOair

This is another popular travel search engine that you can use to find cheap flights to Europe