Last Minute Flight Deal

When planning to travel last minute, getting last minute flight deal depends on the time of the year you are planning to travel and your destination. While travelling during peak season to popular holiday destinations, it may be hard to land last minute airline deals.

 Tips on how to find cheap last minute deal.

  • Be flexible and willing to adjust to the options availed, for instance the time of the flight, the route or the location of the departure. Take what you get as last minute flight options may not match your travel needs. Therefore, to get the best last minute flight deals, you must be flexible.
  • Do a thorough research on last minute flight deals from the airlines. Through researching, you might land on a cheap last minute flight deal because when there is no enough demand for a particular flight, the staff will be required to look for travelers to fill up the empty seats. To try fill up these seats, airlines will post on their websites and the flight prices will be discounted on last minute flights.

Booking flights last minute can be easy. However, there may be some difficulties encountered when booking a last minute flight. To avoid this, you should;

  • Check that the passports are up to date before confirming your booking
  • Check if the country you are flying to requires you to have visas. If visas are required, ensure that you have enough time to apply
  • Confirm that the names on the booking match the names on the passports so as to avoid problems during departure
  • Make sure you have the vaccinations or any medications required at the destination

If you are doing a , domestic or international, one-way or round trip, Hotwire is the website to search in for cheaptickets flights. Hotwire work with well-known travel deal sites to assist you get cheap airline tickets in any part of the world.

Flight website help in finding and booking flight tickets. To land the best last minute flights, search flights in flight search websites. There are many websites that can assist you in landing cheapest last minute flight deals. These websites will help you if you are planning a last second trip. They include: flight deal


It offers cheap last minute flight deals if you are planning to travel after a few days.  Last minute flight deals at frequently target people planning to travel during the weekend. Most of their departures are between Wednesday and Saturday. not only covers last minute flights but also other travel aspects such as car rentals, , vacation packages and cruises.


Flight Comparison Websites

It is good to compare ticket prices as this helps in identifying cheap plane tickets. There are several flight comparison websites. These websites help in comparing airplane ticket prices from different airlines. These websites include:


  1. Skyscanner

Skyscanner compares numerous flights to help you find the cheapest last minute flight deals. They also help you in finding cheap hotels and . Once you search and find the flight that suits you, you click book and Skyscanner will link you directly to the travel agent or airline. The fees indicated are upfront with no hidden charges or added fees.

Skyscanner is more flexible than other sites as you can select a whole month, year or country not just a specific airport or town to get price suggestions. It compares prices from airlines and major websites such as Expedia and Lastminute.


  1. flight comparison website is a very prominent flight comparison website in the United States. Searching for flight tickets with is very easy. You can filter your search to business or first class ticket, therefore, you can make fast and easier comparison. Once you register with your email address, you will be able to search for flexible dates.


  1. is one of the well-known website for flight comparison. It is highly recommended by CNN and New York Times and has been won many awards as the best flight comparison website. This search engine helps you to search the desired destination and the time you wish to travel. The search results are displayed and you can identify the lowest prices. search engine search flights across travel sites and low cost carriers therefore, helping you get the best flight tickets. They then direct you to the company that is selling the ticket at no fee. With, you can compare flight ticket prices from over 700 companies and choose the ticket that is cheapest and has the best deal.


  1. is a flight search engine that searches and compares flight ticket from numerous travel agents, airlines and well known travel sites. It compares different ticket prices to help you choose the plane ticket that suits you best.



Travelsupermarket was originally a UK based company but has now gone international. Searching flights with Travelsupermarket, you can filter your search to an economy, business or first class flight.


6. DoHop

DoHop flight comparison website

DoHop is not a very well-known flight comparison website but it has been recommended by CNN and The Times.  DoHop Searches over 600 airlines and other low cost budget airlines across the globe that may not be listed on other flight comparison websites. It helps in finding connecting flights, which is not done by other flight comparison sites. While searching for flights with DoHop, you are required to do so using specific dates.


     7. American Airlines

American Airlines offers great deals for travelers looking for a last minute travel deal. Looking for cheap flight tickets, flight comparison websites are the best way to get the cheapest airfare tickets anytime.