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HotelNowNow is an online hotel booking website that has all types of hotels to suit every customer’s accommodation needs. It is one of the leading discount hotel booking website in

HotelNowNow is the ideal site to use to make a hotel reservation if you are planning a business trip. This is because they will get you hotels offering low prices while offering other essential services such as fitness centers, gym, meeting rooms, free wireless internet access and much more. Three, four and five star rated hotels offering discounted and affordable prices are featured at

offers huge discounts and great deals on hotel rooms of over 2,000 partner hotels across Nigeria. They offer deals of up to over 60% off the actual hotel rates, hence making you spend lesser on hotel rooms. According to HotelNowNow’s media specialist, Adebimpe Afolabi, HotelNowNow offers discounts ranging from 16% to over 60% off the original hotel room price.

HotelNowNow targets tourists, casual traveler, honeymooners and business travelers looking for a hotel room to check in while on any kind of budget. They get you incredibly low prices on hotel rooms irrespective of the purpose of your travel.

HotelNowNow makes it easy for travelers to flawlessly and without difficulty get a hotel room prior to their arrival date. In case you might need assistance in making your reservation with HotelNowNow, you will be assisted by their customer support team who are available any time of the day throughout the week. You can reach them through telephone calls or via online chats and book a hotel room from any part of the globe.

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Founded in the year 2014, HotelNowNow has rapidly grown to become the largest hotel booking website in Nigeria by providing their clients with the best accommodation options not only in Nigeria but also other parts of Africa. According to HotelNowNow’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), George Jinadu, their main aim is to grow Nigeria’s tourism sector by assisting customers to get the best deals on hotel rooms.

HotelNowNow recently started a brand relaunch campaign. The slogan of this brand relaunch campaign is ‘Why Pay More’ and its main objective of is to expand Nigeria’s hospitality industry to other countries in the Sub-Saharan region in the near future.

Being one of the fastest growing hospitality markets in the Sub-Saharan region, Nigeria continues to be a desired destination for business persons as well as tourists. The brand relaunch campaign features the Creative Director and founder of Zapphire Events, one of the best event planning companies in Nigeria, Funke Buknor Obruthe.

brand relaunch program

HotelNowNow has recently announced the introduction of a new range of features as a part of a brand relaunch. The brand relaunch aims at securing the position of the company as the best website for online hotel reservation in the area.

During the brand relaunch, Mr. Okey Ochulo, HotelNowNow’s Chief Sales and Commercial Officer, stated that the brand introduced a more spontaneous and user-friendly website as a part of the relaunch. He continued to say that due to the changes put in place, the users of the website will be enabled to quickly spot the best deals on hotel rooms.

Mr. Ochulo also stated that HotelNowNow platform can also be accessed from the internet enabled mobile phones, tablets and computers hence increasing convenience to their customers due to easy accessibility of hotel deals through the website. He continued to state that for HotelNowNow to continue providing best experience to its customers, they will continue optimizing their services to be the best online hotel booking website in the region.

morewardz loyalty program

The users of this platform will also greatly benefit from the integration of HotelNowNow Morewardz Loyalty Program. Morewardz Loyalty Program is a rewards program where hotel guests earn loyalty points for the money they spend to make room reservation in hotels that are registered on HotelNowNow platform.

Loyal customers earn points which they can redeem as airline tickets, hotel booking or cash to pay for other services at any hotel registered on the platform. Points redeemed can be claimed any time. The main aim of this program is to acquire and retain customers, influence customer spending by getting customers to spend more with them.

HotelNowNow is the first sub-Saharan African to offer a loyalty program to its customers. The brand also revealed an introduction of a new package that is specifically designed to help organizations to easily make corporate reservations for rooms as well as meeting rooms. This package, Corporate Edge Package, will help organizations and companies get even better deals on group or individual bookings with HotelNowNow.

In the past few years, Nigeria’s hospitality industry’s investments have rapidly grown. This has been greatly attributed to the rapid growth of the internet and continuous mobile gadgets penetration which has led to the modernization of trade in the region. This has changed the attitude of the people in the region, making them be more trusting of online commerce.